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While porcelain is best known for its use in dinnerware and figurines, it has also been employed in the production of a variety of decorative items.  As early as the 1740’s, the famous modeler of the Miessen Royal Factory, Johann Kändler, was using porcelain to produce elaborate vases, urns and candelabras.  Many years later, as technology developed alongside the rise of the Dresden style, porcelain manufacturers throughout Germany and Europe began producing such items as electric lamps and elaborately sculpted clock cases.  It was during the mid-19th century that the Baron de Bourguignon developed the concept for porcelain lithophane.  Lithophane is essentially a thinly crafted piece of translucent porcelain that is sculpted in such a way that when light passes through it, a beautiful and sometimes intricately patterned glow results.  Among our collection are electric porcelain lamps with lithophane shades, which bring to life the sculpted figural scenes at their bases.  We also have a variety of vases, urns, candelabras, including pieces produced by Meissen, the Dresden studios, andDresden-style decorators such as Sitzendorf.  We hope you enjoy our quality selection of these rare and illuminating treasures. For modern and less expensive lamps, please consider: Discount Lamps and Lighting at